12 abr. 2011

You are my mirror

Writting like there is nothing left, like your world has crashed and burned, like there is absolutely no end, writing so you can ease the pain.

Nothing can hide me but I can always try, nothing can stop me but I can always hide, nothing can break me but it will leave me scars, this can not kill me but can make me sad.

I smile, I cry, I laugh and dance, I mourn and hide, I open to love and close to myself, I look at the stars and look at the rain, I see my good side and my very bad ways, this shows me my very true self.

Why are your eyes so sad? why so much pain? and from whatever you have inside, you come to my aid. Because its you and me, and no one else, because He is by our side and will always be there, because you and me are one, and we divide but we are the same.

My love for you is here and your love for me is there, we just need ourselves; and I look at the mirror and see for myself, we are strong and happy, you and me, I and myself. Thank you for being there.

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Igor dijo...

Only you can make yourself happy!!
And never forget about HIM.