22 jul. 2016


So at the very end Bell could not provide us a phone line or Internet. They said on the phone they could do it and when the technician came, he said he could not do it. Bell had no apologies about it and nothing they could do, so after the frustration calmed down, we decided to go with satellite Internet.

We got Xplornet which is a satellite Internet for rural areas. When you have no other choice but to go with satellite, they seem to be a good enough option around our area.

They came to install it on Sunday and even though we requested the 25MB download speed, the technician said we had too many trees and could only get 10MB. So for now we have that speed and we can try to see if we get something better in the fall/winter.

We are able to browse and chat no problem. Downloads we don't care that take a little bit longer, but we shall see if we can play games online or work from home. At some point this week we will have to try it and see!

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